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Seedlings available in the Nursery now:

Please email, call or visit the Nursery to check on availability, as it changes on a daily basis due to demand.

Tomatoes: Burkes, Tigerella, Green Zebra, Red Russian, Grafted Apollo, Grafted Mighty Red, Tomato Berry, Cherry Fountain, Rapunzel, Large Fruit Truss, Tomato Boss, Pink Pearl, Ill Grande, Tumbling Tom Red, Heirloom Mix, San Marzano, Health Kick, Roma Superior, Rouge De Marmande, Apollo II, Mighty Red, Grosse Lisse, Tommy Toe, Bush Cherry, Heartbreaker, Oxheart, Beefsteak, Sweet Bite, Roma, Tiny Tim

Eggplant: Mini Labanese, Bonica, Rosa Bianca, Fairy Tale

Lettuce: Great Lakes, Red Oak Leaf, Green Mignonette, Green Oak, Cos Combo, Brown Mignonette, Brown Red Mignonette

Beetroot: Detroit Red    Corn: Super Sweet   Beans: Dwarf Green  Kale: Red Russian

Celery: Green stringless  Pumpkin: Queensland Blue, Butternut

Cucumber:  Bush crop, Burpless Long Green, Continental, Lebanese Hybrid, Blackjack, Continental

Spinach: Ironman    Kale: Red Russian   Rocket: Salad, Wasabbi

Capsicum:  Long sweet yellow, Long sweet green, Sweet Mama, Californian Wonder, Sweet mixed

Chilli: Hungarian Yellow, Jalapeno, Cayenne Pepper, Hababero, Bhut Jolokia, Caysan

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