A terrarium is the ultimate, low-maintenance indoor garden. Terrariums can be made out of any clear glass or plastic container. If you are using a closed container the cover should be transparent. Corks can be used for small openings in jars. Containers with large, uncovered openings can be used, but the humidity will not be as high as that in enclosed terrariums. In addition, unenclosed containers need to be watered more often. The container must be clean, or bacteria, fungi and algae will thrive.

(Tip: never over-water a terrarium. It is better to have the terrarium too dry than too wet, as excessive water is very difficult to remove).

Terrarium Easy care instructions:

Well lit indoor position, avoid direct sunlight

Water sparingly as required, trickle 50 to 100mls in your average terrarium using a drinking glass or small bottle

Trim excess growth/remove dead leaves as required to maintain appearance

Enjoy your beautiful indoor garden

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